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Who is the keyman or keyperson in your small business ? might it be you ?

Posted by deon.keyman on December 19, 2012 at 4:00 PM

The question to ask is "if who dies or gets disabled is it the worst case scenario for your company?" Will there even be a business if this keyman is no longer in the business? If not - you have a dilemma!


The good news is this situation can be managed . But it needs planning, and it may take months to put everything in place, or you could be fortunate and it only take weeks.




Keyman or keyperson Insurance is what you will need, this is done in the name of your company, because its your company that will need extra money if the keyman dies or gets disabled.


But it is not always so easy to figure out exactly how much life cover can be organized so if you do not have a strategy in place - the speedier you start with this process the more desirable it will be.




So if you are in South Africa, Pretoria or Johannesburg give us a call and let us help you to assess your current risk and put it behind you succesfully.


Then if at all possible you want a lawyer insurance agent combination to help you put all of the above in place, as in a great deal of situations their are long term contracts that must be put in place and the majority of of the time it is not all so evident what to do. One contract overlooked can have a devastating effect later!



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